Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4th of July Photo shoot

For every holiday I take Madison out and we have a little photo shoot. I pick up a few props from either Target, Party City, or the Dollar Tree and we head out and take a bunch of fun pictures. We normally go with a couple other moms but this time Madison and I did it by ourselves. 

For this photo shoot I dressed her in a 4th of July tank top from Old Navy and a tutu made by my friend Krista. The props we used were an American flag, red bucket, and pin wheel from party city...Oh and her new radio flyer wagon!

We went down to the beach and it was a perfect day for pictures. It was an overcast day, there was no wind and not a lot of people. We normally go to a local park to take pictures but there's something about the beach that says 4th of July to me.


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