Sunday, June 12, 2011

DIY Child Picnic Table

So on a whim I decided to build Madison a picnic table. I searched online for plans for the perfect sized table and after hours of measuring and outlining the area with tap,  I finally decided on the plans from the site Shaw Creek General Store ( I added a hole in the middle of the table to add an umbrella). Madison is only 16 months old so I needed a table small enough where she could sit comfortably but also large enough so it could be used for several years.

Once I had my plans, I headed to Home Depot. I gathered the wood and supplies that were needed and asked an employee in the lumber department to cut my pieces to size; the staff was extremely helpful. In fact, the Home Depot staff was so helpful that this once Lowe's girl was converted into a Home Depot girl, my husband is very proud.

When the weekend rolled around I was ready to start building the table. My pieces were cut to the proper length but I still needed to cut the angles. After a little math and my husbands help I was ready to start assembling. The process went pretty smoothly and after a couple hours the table was completely assembled. 

When it came time to paint I tossed around many ideas. Paint it (red, pink, green, or teal), stain (natural or green), or add a clear satin polyurethane for protection. After contemplating for an embarrassing amount of time I decided on the clear satin polyurethane. The first couple of coats where completely absorbed by the wood but after 5 coats it was exactly how I had envisioned it.

Once the table was complete my husband helped me attach the umbrella (that Home Depot so kindly gave me from one of their floor displays), I added rubber mats to the ground incase Madison were to fall and for the finishing touches, flowers and place mats were added to match mommy and daddy's picnic table. 

The table has only been complete for a week and already we have eaten dinner twice outside. I see many  outdoor dinners in our future this summer!


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